The Sidney Murals


In the last few years of the 1990s, IceBear embarked on the creation of a number of large exterior wall graphics and murals in Victoria and Sidney, BC. Perched high on a scaffold for months at a time, his work became the focus of much interest, the site of each project becoming a stopping point for tourists and for locals on their daily walks. One of the Vancouver Island newspapers dubbed him ‘the Mural Maker’ and he was awarded   a Community Arts Award for his contribution to the communities in which he worked.

The largest of these murals was over 70 feet long and close to 20 feet high, and almost every

one had a significant amount of three dimensional work, often called ‘bas relief’, to highlight

the main components or features. Images from 2 of those projects  are included here, more will

be added later as time permits. The Ocean Mural is too long to fit into one photograph, so it is shown here in segments.

Note: in 2013. IceBear will return to Sidney in June and early July

to refurbish the murals.