Ice Bear has been painting and sculpting now for nearly fifty years. As a small boy, his ability to express what he saw on paper was recognized, and he received a thorough and formal education in art. This led to a successful career in commercial art direction, but eventually his drive to create fine art won out. His art has evolved from the representational and the spiritual (drawing on his North American Indian heritage) to today’s expression in the abstract.

These large canvases in acrylic is where a consummate imagination meets the realization of a mature talent. The perceptive viewer is challenged not only to appreciate the skill and virtuosity that created these images, but also to discover a personal emotional and intellectual response to them. 
And they do invite – no, demand - a response. Beyond their artistic elements of form, light, colour, texture, dimension, and movement, they are ever stimulating, with a profound impact to be appreciated over the years.

You may find these abstract works explosive, inspirational, and provocative. But what a craft; what visions! Each canvas evokes feelings which, once experienced, cannot be forgotten.

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A word from the Artist                            
For me, to ever be confined to one  genre, palette, or family of 
products would be impossibly stifling. The creation of Art is a 
lifelong adventure, to be explored and savoured.  Each vision 
has a life and presence of its own, and demands its own unique 
way of being presented to the world.  
    I would also like to thank my friends Ed Peekeekoot and 
Kevin Locke for allowing me to use some of their magical music 
on this site; I hope you will take the time to hear them and visit 
their sites as well.

All work on this site is owned exclusively by IceBear and may not be reproduced 
in any form without the artist’s express permission

Many of IceBear’s Contemporary Aboriginal, Wildlife and Nature paintings are available as limited edition giclees on canvas 
through a number of galleries in British Columbia and select other locations. Bronze sculptures, soapstone and 
sculpture in other mediums such as Aquaresin available by contacting the artist.
Commissions for paintings and sculpture considered.
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The World of IceBear

A Portfolio of Contemporary, Aboriginal,

and Wildlife Art, IceBear is known for his versatility and wide range of artistic interests.

Dodem ll

Still in the artist’s studio. the second in a series titled ‘Dodem’, each a different expression of an ancient cultural tradition

In the background, ‘I See You’ keeps watch over the artist at work.

For  a short explanation of Dodems: