IceBear Studio – Dreams of a Dreamer

Dreams of a Dreamer is a retrospective of the work of Ojibwe artist IceBear. This collection spans the period from the early 90’s. IceBear is what is called a Dreamer by his people, one to whom, as they say, ‘you can tell of your dreams, and he will draw you pictures in the sand’.

Ice Bear’s fine art has evolved over the past 15 years, from a graphic style that combined the forms and shapes of traditional Ojibway art, to a free flowing technique which provide richly toned paintings that can change colour and depth as sunlight moves, and day turns to night. His many years as art director, and over 5 years as muralist have given him a great interest in technique; how paint ‘works’, colour, brush-strokes, and layering, some Ice Bear paintings have close to 20 layers of paint and medium.